Anshu Patni

Founder (CHNO Media)

Anshu Patni Singhi is an Entrepreneur (Founder - CHNO Media), Talent Agent, Podcast Host and a Content Creator.
With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and content ecosystem, Anshu brings with her a unique set of expertise across Content, Talent Management and brand building. After agenting some of India’s leading Actors, Musicians and Creators as the business head for television & digital content business at KWAN Entertainment now called the Collective Artist Network, Anshu founded CHNO Media which works with gaming and entertainment talent and also creating and curating content for brands, publishers and OTT players across gaming, entertainment and sports.

Anshu is also a content creator and hosts a podcast called QUESTIONS I WANTED TO ASK. The
podcast is her quest to explore the different voices inside our heads that asks us how to do things better at
work, home and other pursuits of passion. The podcast has already featured some very wonderfull women
and men achievers like Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, Asha Parekshji, Mallika Dua, Anu Menon, Varun
Duggirala, Gauhar Khan, Leeza Mangalad across different genres.