Anurag Khurana

CEO & Co-Founder (Penta Esports)

Anurag Khurana is the founder of Newgen Gaming, which operates in esports with its brand – Penta Esports - a new age esports company with a vision to revolutionise the ecosystem in India.

With over 25 years of experience in business consulting, project management, system design & integration, and 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, heading development of games on more than five platforms including an instrumental role in the development of India’s first multiplayer wireless game. Recently, he has shifted his focus to esports, having worked with and consulted multiple leading esports companies.

Being a longstanding gamer himself, Anurag’s passion lies in all things gaming and esports. Having joined the gaming industry back in 1999, he has held lead positions at some of top national and international companies like Paradox, Red Octane, Riot Games, Reliance Jio and has consulted brands like Paytm First Games (PFG) and Esports Players League (ESPL).