Chetalkumar Gazdar

VFX Technical Artist

Chetal is a leading name in the VFX education industry. Using his technical acumen, he keeps coming with innovative ideas for better prospectus of students and their growth hacking. He is also very much instrumental in various creative activities.

With detailed subject knowledge, he blends his technical knowledge with his robust background of Mathematics, learned during his Engineering Degree. He incorporates Maths in many of his VFX lectures, to give it an extra edge. He is a proud member of ‘Mathematics Association of Gujarat’. His various researches in Mathematics are also mentioned in the ‘Suganitam’ book. He has conducted various seminars on Mathematics in the annual meeting of ‘Gujarat Ganit Mandal’ in front of many renowned Mathematicians.

His 3D and VFX Integration tutorials have been featured on International premium Visual Effects websites such as and many others. He has conducted an exclusive VFX seminar in a very prestigious Times Group event in 2015. He has also been a Guest Speaker at Broadcast India 2018.