Sharrom Yezdegardi

Sales Lead (Adobe 3D & Immersive)

Sharrom Yezdegardi is the Sales Lead for Adobe 3D & Immersive in India and joined Adobe via the Allegorithmic acquisition in 2019. At Allegorithmic, Sharrom was responsible for evangelizing Substance 3D within the Media & Entertainment and industrial design sectors in India. Prior to joining Allegorithmic, Sharrom was the trade officer in the Technology and Services wing of the French Consulate in Mumbai where he focused on new and emerging technologies catering to the Media and Entertainment industry. An avid mountaineering enthusiast, his hobbies include Trekking, Outdoor sports, Video Games, and all things related to the Metaverse. In his free time if he is not already hiking, you can find him planning his next escape into the wilderness. Sharrom holds a Master’s Degree in International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France