Yan Garin

Country Head (Ecole intuit.lab)

Yan Garin is a French citizen living in Mumbai for 14 years. He studied Musicology at the Parisian university La Sorbonne before working for various television channels as a sound engineer. While working with documentary film directors, he developed a passion for moving images and narration, pushing him to learn movie shooting and editing, 3d and VFX. After a Documentary Film Writing training, he began to make his own documentaries and travel in more than 50 countries, in places as various as jungles, warm and cold deserts, war zones, refugee camps or big corporates. He finally ended up in India where he managed projects for a 3D outsourcing company, and joined école intuit.lab in 2013, as a 3D and Motion Design faculty. He took the head of operations of the institute, where he designed a training in Game Art and Design in collaboration with the giant French publisher Ubisoft.